Corporate Security

Homeland Security
1st December 2014
VIP Protection
1st December 2014

Corporate Security

YAMASec offers fully comprehensive corporate security solutions including:

Risk Analysis & Mitigation
Crisis Management
Technological & Technical Solutions
Security Engineering
Training Solutions
Security Personnel
VIP Protection
Investigative Services
Polygraph Services

Corporations have security needs much like states, with both physical and intellectual security concerns. Accidents, sabotage, or attacks against company information, assets, or business executives are real concerns and proper security procedures must be implemented in order to reduce potential damage to any corporation.

Entrance to company facilities must be regulated, access to company information should be controlled, risks have to be properly analyzed, and in many cases, key company personnel must take appropriate precautions to avoid attack against themselves or their families.

YAMASec treats corporate security much like it deals with state security needs. YAMASec personnel provide risk analysis and security plans that are tailor-made to a corporation’s needs. We offer investigative services to report on potential business partners or employees and provide corporate intelligence. Our personnel assist in the implementation of security plans including the procurement and placement of technological aids, training of company personnel, and in special circumstances, we provide our own security officers for special security needs. YAMASec security officers are all from elite military units, special police units, or special government agencies with significant combat, investigative, and security experience. YAMASec offers operational support in many high risk environments, investigative services worldwide, and assistance to corporations in security and logistics.

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