1st December 2014
Corporate Security
1st December 2014

Homeland Security

Homeland Security Components:

Site Assessment
Site Security Plan
Drafting of Regulations
Security Technology
Border Control, Checkpoints & Barriers
Security Personnel Training
Rapid Response
Disaster Preparedness

YAMASec provides homeland security solutions for the following:

Critical Infrastructure Protection
Ship Security
Port Security
Airport Security
Facility Security
Transportation Security
Disaster Relief

Security on the home front is a daily concern. There are many potential targets within a nation that could upset commerce, create social unrest, or even cause mass casualties if they are damaged or destroyed. These targets are subject to damage from natural disaster, negligence, accidents, and sabotage. Regulations must be implemented in order to avoid mishaps, and methods for detecting and deterring potential attackers much be implemented in order to reduce the chances of harm to these key sites.

Military and law enforcement may both be entrusted with responsibilities for protecting a nation’s critical infrastructure or for response in the event of disasters or large scale emergencies. However, a plan must be implemented and all personnel trained for this operation so that the nation’s key sites are protected and so that social normalcy quickly returns, should an emergency occur.

YAMASec personnel have assisted multiple government bodies in drafting security regulations for critical infrastructure and developing methods for protecting large facilities and transportation systems. This methodology has been proven successful against numerous attempted security breaches in many different environments. YAMASec can provide a fully comprehensive security program for homeland security concerns, from site assessments and risk analysis to assistance in drafting regulations and contingency plans, to providing security technology and training all security personnel for their role in the security establishment.

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