Logistical Services

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1st December 2014
Maritime Security
1st December 2014

Logistical Services

• Facilitation of Business Ventures
• Specializing in Under-developed Regions
• Mission Support
• Fully-integrated Life Support
• Detailed Project Planning
• Logistics Management
• Customized Training
• Communications Systems
• Real-time Intelligence
• Updated Contingency Plans
• Emergency Evacuations

A well-planned logistical strategy is critical to the success of all missions. Logistical capabilities are nearly always the deciding factor in whether a mission is successful or fails. Especially when operating in the difficult environments that present themselves in developing countries, the challenges of logistics are compounded. YAMASec’s security philosophy is much more than just tactics; if the support element is deficient, operations fail.

YAMASec has developed very advanced and comprehensive support programs to facilitate clients operations in remote and difficult environments around the globe and provides a full logistical package for a wide range of projects. Our mission support solutions comprise fully-integrated life support, detailed project planning, logistics management, customized training, state-of-the-art communications systems, and real-time intelligence gathering for updated contingency plans. YAMASec transports clients and equipment into practically inaccessible areas of the globe and provides unequaled response capabilities in the event of emergency situations. Our logistical services are often used as a front-line insurance policy because we know how to get you in and we know how to get you out.

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