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1st December 2014
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1st December 2014

Maritime Security

Maritime Security Components:

Ship Security Assessment
Ship Security Plan
Piracy Plan
Security Equipment & Technologies
Crew Training
On Board Security Teams

Piracy has gained unprecedented publicity over the past few years and the area of greatest focus is around the Horn of Africa. The European Union has launched its first maritime operation, Operation Atalanta, in this region in response to the growing problems. Although many companies would like to believe that there is a governmental solution to the problems of piracy, they have learned that even in areas with high rates of naval patrols, they cannot fully depend on these patrols to keep them safe.

Unlike many in the industry will claim, maritime experience is NOT the key component for success in this type of enterprise. Although the problem of piracy is all being played out in a maritime environment, this is NOT a maritime operation. When operating against pirates, security professionals will probably never have to exhibit skills in operational diving, maritime navigation, sailing or ship operations, beach raids, or ship boarding operations. All of the above are maritime security skills. At most, security professionals need a layman’s understanding of the operations of the ship and crew dynamics in order to identify control centers, lines of communication, and the ship’s operational capabilities. However, they need advanced training in dealing with unconventional enemies, operations in environments with large numbers of civilians (the crew must be protected), and military tactical expertise in order to surgically read the target and set up appropriate counter-measures against possible attack. Because these skills are prevalent in YAMASec professionals who have experience in dealing with counter insurgency operations and/or close protection operations, YAMASec has had great success in providing advanced security solutions to the maritime industry. Piracy is another form of unconventional warfare where enemies are difficult to identify, attacks occur with little or no advanced notice, and the enemy decides when, where, and how the attack will take place.

YAMASec Counter Piracy Teams are manned by high level security officers with a background in military combat units who are provided additional advanced training in counter piracy and on board operations. Our professionals are able to distinguish between real threat and ordinary fishermen and can keep cool under pressure. They are willing to put themselves in harms-way in order to protect innocent life and company assets, and are trained in using a force continuum in order to appropriately exhibit restraint in all situations. The YAMASec teams are highly discrete, seasoned leaders capable of rapidly creating working security plans, and are able to swiftly improvise depending on any adverse situation that may arise.

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