1st December 2014
Homeland Security
1st December 2014


• All Branches of Service
• Technology & Equipment
• Enhancement of Current Capabilities
• Establishment of Specialized Units
• Advanced Training
• Combat Units
• Maritime
• Air Force
• Airborne
• Land Forces
• Intelligence
• Special Forces
• Emergency Response
• Emergency Medical Training

A country’s military provides it defense from enemies both foreign and domestic. In order to deter potential attacks and defend against threat, the military must be disciplined, loyal, well trained and equipped.

YAMASec is highly experienced in providing training and support for multiple levels of military diversification, from the most basic to the most advanced units. YAMASec supplies training to upgrade the capabilities of existing combat units as well as assisting in the establishment of new specialized units. The military operational instruction teams at YAMASec are staffed by multi-lingual personnel, formerly with military Special Operations units. They all have extensive combat experience and are renowned worldwide for their expertise in combat and counter terrorism, security operations, and emergency response. Their extensive “boots on the ground” experience means that trainees are taught techniques that have been proven in real combat operations and under serious emergency situations. Our philosophy is to adjust and tailor the training to the specific needs of the client, modifying our tactics according to the local environment, regulations and legal procedures.

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