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1st December 2014
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1st December 2014

Technology & Equipment

Technology alone cannot provide security, however, technological instruments enhance the capabilities of any security program. Properly placed and utilized security technology offers the ability to gather information, detect threats early, and delay or prevent sabotage or attack. Any governmental agency, organization, or individual with security concerns must include technological devices into their security plan for maximum effectiveness.

YAMASec security personnel have significant experience in selection and emplacement of appropriate technological aids for intelligence agencies, military and law enforcement, critical infrastructure, and extremely sensitive sites, against multiple threats, in high risk environments. YAMASec has the expertise to select appropriate technological instruments according to the specific operations, locations, and/or facility and offer options for technological solutions according to budgetary restraints. YAMASec offers tools for proactive security operations for intelligence agencies, undercover operations, military and law enforcement, and private clientelle.

YAMASec offers options for specialized technological equipment for all areas of security in which we provide services.

High quality security equipment utilized in the appropriate way enables military, law enforcement, and security personnel to more efficiently accomplish their mission and can often be the determining factor when operating against a serious threat. This gear supports training and can produce a deterrent to potential attackers. In addition, when an attack does occur, superior equipment will enable trained personnel to better control the situation.

Although there is certain equipment that should be part of every soldier’s, police officer’s, or security professional’s gear, each type of security operation requires specific equipment. The combat and security experience of YAMASec personnel makes us especially qualified to consult and provide necessary equipment for each area of military, law enforcement, or security.

YAMASec offers options for combat and security equipment for all areas of security in which we provide services. We offer comprehensive equipment options for military, law enforcement, homeland security, corporate security, VIP security, and maritime security.

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