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1st December 2014
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1st December 2014

VIP Protection

YAMASec provides the foremost in private and governmental protection, equipment and technology, and training including the establishment of VIP Protection units.
Courses & Training

YAMASec VIP Protection courses are specifically designed to recruit qualified people into the specific area of dignitary protection and prepare them for
operational deployment anywhere in the world. Each course is tailor-made according the client’s needs and graduates acquire both theoretical and practical
skills and are trained to be highly capable as close protection professionals.

YAMASec offers multiple levels of security training including:

Security Agent Course: This course prepares security personnel for general security tasks and provides them with basic knowledge of the principles of close protection, security planning, and individual tasks.
VIP Security Agent Course: This course prepares personnel to be close protection professionals, working individually or in pairs.
Advanced VIP Security Agent’s Course: This course trains the close protection professional for complex operations in security teams.
VIP Command Course: This course trains personnel to command VIP security teams.

These courses include intensive training in weapons and empty hand combat, operational driving, and operational planning.

Senior management personnel, business people, politicians, and famous people from both the private sector and government are subject to risks that are associated with threats and warnings of potential assaults, bodily harm, kidnapping and other felonious acts. The art of close protection is a unique security discipline and demands elite tactics and training. The close protection detail must be built to reduce the risks to the VIP while maintaining maximum freedom.

YAMASec VIP Protection Specialists completed their service in international government security service as VIP Security Agents, or in military protective security units as close protection officers for overseas delegations. All graduated courses in security and counter terrorism in highly respected security academies. During their service they acquired extensive knowledge and experience in VIP security worldwide.

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